About Us

Kristin Brindley / Owner 

Kristin started working at Cutco as a junior in college. Kristin ran a successful district office with Cutco and now runs a successful team. Her personal story has been one of perseverance, dedication, hard work and triumph. Beating cancer inspired her to push through obstacles; she now stands at $2+ million in personal career sales with Cutco and has a loving family by her side. She created Strategic Gifting and is respected in her field as an expert on the art of Gifting and Appreciation. Kristin continues to inspire her team to pursue their dreams!


I’ve been giving Cutco knives for closing gifts for quite a few years now and love the fact that I have them on hand so they are ready to go if a closing happens sooner than expected. The clients love them! I’ve even had them order more for themselves because they’ve liked them so much. I keep 3 different season hand because I have repeat clients and love giving them something that is useful and lifetime use. I also like the fact that it has my branding with my name and number on it so they can’t forget who sold them the house. I personally own Cutco and have had them about 22 years and use them every day. My mother had her set for more than 50 years and were just recently passed down to my sister. I introduced another agent in my office to Cutco and she purchased some for herself and was thrilled with the quality of the product. They are a fantastic product and made in the USA.
Virginia Cleven